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Take Action
And Get Involved

Ensure you know where to get help and the location of your local Defibrillator

Here’s How You Can Help

You can get involved with many organisations that provide help and assistance by supporting their causes and helping as a volunteer. 

Get trained

Undergo CPR and defibrillator training. Ensure you understand how to administer CPR, if I had not been with someone who knew how to administer it, I would be dead.

Check Schools/Groups/Clubs

Inquire with any group/school/club that you or your family belong to and ensure that they have an accessible defibrillator and that the battery is charged and checked regularly.

Running an Event

If you are running an event, ensure you have the correct medical cover. Ensure a defibrillator is available and that someone is trained in CPR and the use of the defibrillator. Check the location of the nearest defibrillator using the locator at the bottom of this page.

Organisations providing support & guidance

From stem-cell coated plasters to 3D printed hearts, the research we fund helps deliver lifesaving breakthroughs.

A closed Facebook group for people who have had ICD devices fitted.

Support for families and young people.

Emotional wellbeing resources. Practical support and special events.

Understanding Sudden Cardiac Arrest and support for families to understand how to cope.

Providing life-saving emergency care across Wales. The team brings an emergency room to the scene within minutes.

This is a group for those in the UK (or UK expats) who have been involved in or are interested in the ‘Chain of Survival’

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